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Anthony Broderick loves creating worlds and imaginative characters to fit inside them, with stories and adventures which will provoke thought, show a wealth of determined refinement and demonstrate how not everything needs to be as it appears in the real world.

When he's not teaching or writing in County Mayo - Ireland, Anthony commits a large portion of his time updating his social media resources as well as running competitions for the most important people which are his readers. Keep up to date with what's happening with Anthony on social media using the linkedIn and Twitter links below.

This ideal collection of stories are based on the activities and adventures of two young boys, who are growing up in a place called Willows Town. The stories charter what goes on with the boys at home, at school and during their holidays and each offering in the series guarantees you exciting and new story content.

Anthony will be attending a range of events over the coming months including Mayo Day taking place on the 6th of May at Turlough House Co. Mayo. Anthony will be giving a talk on the day as well as meeting all the Jack and Adam fans. All the books as well as a wide range of Jack and Adam merchandise will be available to purchase.
Anthony will also be attending an event in DIT on the 7th of June where he will give a talk about ‘The Adventures of Jack and Adam’ book series as well as talking about the process of writing.

This summer Anthony will also be touring all over the country promoting and signing copies of the brand new 5th book ‘Mischa’s Secret’. Check out ‘The Adventures of Jack and Adam’ social media links below to attend any of here events.


Wanted introduces you to Jack & Adam, the characters in the series, along with the community they live in. So if you want to start reading about these two scoundrels then this is probably the best place to begin.

We meet the two brothers, Jack and Adam along with their famous pets Club and Diamond. In this first book we get a great sense of the boys' daily routines in and out of school, along with delving into some of their relationships with neighbours, teachers and friends. It is soon approaching the summer holidays where the brothers get a chance to engage in one of their infamous adventures. This summer brings about a dark and sinister adventure into an uncertain world of a wayward scientist, who can think of nothing better than bestowing his cruelty upon the most innocent inhabitants of Willows Town.

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The Widow

Halloween is approaching and the boys have come to the conclusion of yet another school term. Alot has been learned by Jack and Adam over the past few weeks and they look forward to spending a normal Halloween night in their local neighborhood. However, things take a twist before and during the night that leave the boys in a state of trauma. While they feel happy and secure in their bountiful environment, they unearth a new found respect for someone who has always been central to them.

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The Blaze

In this, the third offering from the series, Jack & Adam learn that winning isn't everything, especially when it comes to physical pursuits and gaining the admiration of that someone special. The boys endeavour to enjoy themselves at seemingly wholesome and harmless activities, but soon learn that caution needs to be exercised, especially when it comes to circumstances of heated debate. There are just some arguments you cannot win outright. Along with learning the value of what they already possess, the boys soon find that it's possible for the one they dearly love to be innocently hurt.

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The Old Town

Book four in 'The Adventures of Jack and Adam series.' Jack and Adam go on holiday to a faraway destination. The boys are given some freedom to explore their surroundings. However, with freedom comes greater responsibility, as they are about to learn.  It seems that some friendly faces that they encounter along the way have a hidden agenda. The brothers have to use the skills that they have acquired to try and solve a very serious problem.

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Mischa’s Secret

With Christmas right around the corner Jack should be in his usual high spirits, so why isn’t he? A boy at school has been annoying him and Jack is struggling to keep it together. In an attempt to calm Jack down, Adam takes him for a walk to the old playground. There they discover a mysterious girl with a special secret.

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The fun with Jack & Adam doesn't stop with the books! There's more to enjoy from the brothers large by exploring the goodies that they have to offer.

Check out the great range of Jack & Adam goodies. they've got everything from posters, to mugs, school sets and t-shirts. There's literally no end to the fun!

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We would love to hear from you if you have any questions about Jack & Adam, or anything else to do with the stories.

Simply e-Mail us, contact us using one of the social media links or write to us directly using the contact box directly below. Anthony, or one of his helpers will get back to you as soon as possible!

Also, if you are looking to purchase other merchandise like pencil cases, bags, you contact me via social media or e-mail.

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